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more photos

On Saturday, Bruce and I went to Osakis to Brian and Beth’s new house to help paint before they move their stuff in.  Reid and Ali weren’t there yet, so during a break, Cody and I walked to the park.  A few new friends that he has made came to the park when they saw him there.










Keisha was just a doll…she was running all over the park trying to avoid getting her picture taken.  And of course I missed a zillion cute shots of her because I am still getting used to my new camera.

But…I did manage to get this one…which is my favorite from the day:



50th anniversary

September 23, 2007 we celebrated my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  I took lots of photos, some turned out and some didn’t.  I am not sure if it was too much light or if I accidently had the camera set wrong at some times.  Here are a couple that turned out cute…

you can view the rest of the photos in a slide show by clicking here.

grandma and grandpa’s day with the girls

These are photos my mom took over the past couple weeks.  These are from the light rail trip they took with Lydia and Rachel when they were on DAY CARE DUTY!

This one is of Artie in the basement window.
These were taken on my Dad’s 70th b-day.  We were at Klinefelter Park.
Note in the photo below…Rachel was on the look out for acorns…or seeds, berries, rocks…whatever little treasures she can find.
I made a collage of the photos I took on this special day and had it printed and framed.
The flower photos in the collage above are ones that Lydia took with my camera.

new office

I finally got an office…with a door and window.  OK…the window goes into the hallway, but hey…I have a door!  My name is even on the door!  So since I moved out of a cubicle, and have real walls, I thought I would create some of my own artwork.  I made a collage out of the photos we took in Duluth.  I had it printed 30×40 inches.  I have it framed in a black frame with white mat.  It looks stunning, if I do say so myself!  I had to put my signature on it to post on here, so no one can steal it from me!

I also printed this lighthouse shot and framed it too…it is on my OTHER wall! I ordered these from www.ezprints.comthe quality is fantastic.  It is on real Fuji photo paper.  The big one only cost $35.00 which I thought was very reasonable.  The frame came out of the surgery department which is being remodeled.  We have been getting rid of lots of office furniture, etc and I found framed artwork that was pretty awful looking…I spray painted the ugly mauve picture frame black and even spray painted the mat board…it was a dingy white, and I wanted a bright white.  I suppose the paint will make the mat not achival safe, but I will grow tired of these and want to do something new anyways and then can just store these in tubes.

munsinger gardens

My mom and I went to Munsinger Garden on Friday, 8/25 – the day before my birthday!  Bruce and my dad stayed at home and worked on projects they hadn’t quite gotten completed.  My mom and I got some great photos.

The hibiscus flower above is bigger than a dinner plate!  They were just unreal.
My mom took this one of me…

birthday weekend

Sandy, Karl and the girls came up last weekend to celebrate my birthday.  My mom and dad were already here.  The V’s brought their camper again and parked it in our driveway.  It works very, very slick.  Lydia helped put the camper up…while Rachel ran to the back yard to pick “seeds” off the neighbors tree.  She remembered it from last time they were up at our house, she made a b-line straight for the tree!  This time the “seeds” were berries…but they can be anything…actual seeds or berries, acorns, rocks…whatever little treasures she can find to pick up and collect.  She yelled “Aunt Susie, can you get me a bucket?”  She got a margarita pail and used it all weekend to pick up things.

We went to the fish pond and park.

Lydia noticed my new necklace.  It is a paw in memory of Boo.  It actually holds a little bit of his ashes in side the heart.  There is a screw to plug the hole in the bottom.  It is pretty neat.  They had to put Madison to sleep at the beginning of August.  She was only 4 or 5.  Lydia got her for her 3rd birthday.  So, Lydia wanted a paw print necklace to remember Madison by.  I found this tourquise heart in my old jewelry box and a silver chain and gave it to her.


What she really wanted was one like mine…I didn’t tell her about the ashes…she just knew it was a paw print.  I told her that I ordered it on the computer.  Later on she kept saying “lets go print out a necklace for me on your computer.”  After a few pleas I brought her to the computer and asked her what she was going to do with a paper necklace???  She looked at me very puzzled and said, “no, I just want a necklace like yours.”  She thought we could just print out an actual necklace not a photo of one…maybe she will see that invention in her lifetime!!!  Who would have thought we could do the things we do now days!



Malorie came over.  Josh and his buddy Nate were roofing a house in St. Joe.  Malorie (or Mal O Lee as Rachel calls her) got a new cute hair cut!  Now my hair is longer than Mals!  The girls always would say to me “your hair’s not as long as Malories” when we play hair salon.

We had a great dinner and the best part was that Sandy and my Mom did all the work!  They made the meal and did all the clean up!! WHOO HOOO!

After a trip to the park, we had a bonfire on the front driveway.  The girls got ready for bed and then had stories read to them by fire light!





The next morning, we played hair salon before one last trip to the fish pond.



It was a really great birthday weekend!

My mom and dad left on Monday back down to the V’s house until Thursday.  They are flying home on 8/30.  The summer sure has gone fast!  I can’t believe it is Labor Day Weekend already!