Monthly Archives: November 2009

girls weekend

I went down to the cities on Saturday morning – after a 3 mile walk outside.  it was gorgeous out.  i met sandy and the girls at beacon at the math fair.  I had a hard time finding them – most people were leaving when I got there.  sandy, lydia and rachel were in a room with a few other people.  someone, a lady named june had fainted.  sandy and the others had been tending to her, so she had her head on the girl’s jackets.  we stood around for a while, someone in the group of parents seemed to know what to do for her.  when we left the school, both girls rode in my car.  rachel just graduated to a booster seat instead of a full fledged car seat.

The girls rode with me.  We followed sandy to jcpenney in maple grove.  The store was really busy. We walked around a while; sandy found a sweater.


We went back to their house; ate lunch.  Later we went for a bike ride to duck park.  Lydia and I biked together and sandy and Rachel did because Rachel is slower and still has training wheels.  We had fun at the park; there were lots of other kids and adults there.  When we left we were going to go to Gratz house to bring their girls candy.  They weren’t home.  Lydia and I biked together; and sandy and Rachel.  Rachel was crying and whiny (which she was quite often during the weekend).  Lydia and I quickly got home and dropped off our bikes and went back with the car to get Rachel so she wouldn’t  have to bike home.  She got in the back seat and cried “mommy” almost the entire way home.  Lydia would say “Rachel, why are you crying?”…she would respond “mooooooommmmy”.  After we were all back home, the girls went to the Kurosows to play.  Sandy and I made baked potato soup.


One of the things that stands out happened when I asked Sandy if she thought anyone would have the Dircks Christmas party this year.  She said “aaron and annie had it last  year, they won’t have it again, not charlotte, maybe kim?”  Lydia said “who is Kim?”  Sandy explained it was our cousin; she has long hair and sometimes rides a motorcycle.  Lydia said “oh yeah, Kim could host it”…6 ½ years old and using the word host.  I just looked at her, then looked at sandy and said “did either of us ever use the word host during that conversation?”  We didn’t think so.  But little smarty pants did.


We gave the girls baths before we ate dinner.  The soup turned  out great.  Rachel didn’t like it, but that is also pretty “par for the course” with her lately.


Sandy went grocery s hopping after dinner and I stayed with the girls.  Rachel had another melt down at bedtime – this time she cried “daaaddddyyyy” nonstop.


In the morning, Lydia and sandy went to church first; Lydia had to sing.  Sandy didn’t make her go to Sunday school.  While they were gone, Rachel and I played barbies.  It was fun.  I think they have  close to 20 full size Barbie dolls.  I didn’t see any of the Barbie clothes that I gave them last time.  I asked where the clothes were, and they said they didn’t know; their dad put the clothes away.  I think he must have cleaned the  house before he left for deer hunting.  Sandy and Lydia came back from church and then it was rachel’s turn to go.  Lydia and I sat on the couch and she read to me…we read for one hour.  She is really reading well.  Sometimes I thought possibly it was more from memory than actually reading, but then she would correct herself and I could tell, she really was reading each word.


Neither one of the girls noticed or commented on my darker hair; I thought for sure they would, especially Lydia.  Rachel, while I was giving her a bath said “Susie, I don’t like your glasses”…I didn’t even have them on at the time!

Lydia enjoyed listening to my ipod many times throughout the weekend.  She kept commenting that she would love to have one; especially on the school bus.  She and Mason could listen to it.  I had Taylor Swift playing for  her…she really liked “you belong with me”…she would be singing “she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers”…on Sunday she said “Susie, whats bleachers?”  Another thing Lydia did/said…when we were getting them dressed after their bath, sandy said to Lydia “Ok, do I just take it from the top of the pile?”  Lydia had all of her undies folded and in a pile in a drawer.  She said “yes, just take off the top of the pile, when they are clean from doing laundry, they go back on top of the pile.”  She must have a bit of the neatness gene that I have and alluded her mom!  When Rachel and I were playing barbies and Lydia was at church, when she came downstairs, Rachel had all the b arbies out of their Barbie house.  Lydia looked at it and said “I don’t like how messy that is”!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel had her lady bug collection with her most of the weekend.  It was a tennis ball “can” with dirt, leaves, etc in it with lots of lady bugs, which I am sure were really asian beetles.  She found some at duck park, some at home, etc.  she just loves to collect little treasures.



Lydia playing dress up with the boots I was donating to ARC Thrift Store.  What a little doll!