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my time with Rachel

Oh wow, what can I say?  It was absolutely fabulous.  She was sooooo much fun.  Truly, it was just fantastic.  I picked her up at home and she was clearly excited.  We drove to the thrift store and shopped.  She was looking for things for Lydia’s birthday.  We found a few things.  Rachel also found a doll.  We couldn’t find a price tag, so they had to call the manager on duty to get a price to ring in.  The MOD gave it to us for .99.  She said “oh the poor thing really needs a new hair do”  And she does.  He hair is atrocious.  We did what we could; she has a darling face.  We then went to Davani’s.  We got pizza.  Rachel got a solo cheese pizza; chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookie.  I got a single deep dish, sausage – it was delish.  I ate 1/2 of it – so I could share it with Bruce 🙂

Then we went to Target.  We looked at all sorts of doll items.  She had Lilianna and the newly purchased Jena with her at most times all weekend.  We got Lydia’s birthday gifts as well as a shoe rack, 6 pairs of shoes and some cute little shoe shine accessories for Rachel.  We had a really fun time at Target.  She rode on the front of the cart.  She had said that “this Target has really good hot chocolate”…so of course, we got her a cup of hot chocolate.  It is only 1.08; and worth every penny.  they already have it “to temp” for kids; she had a straw and carried around the starbucks cup.

We left Target and drove to St. Joe.

When we got home I had her watch Little House on the Praire (SHE LOVES THAT SHOW) while I unpacked the items we bought throughout my stops.  We then played dolls – with Lilianna and Jenna.  We looked at all the shoes, and also the clothes that she brought with.  She really wanted me to try to make some clothes for her dolls.  I got out my boxes of notions and fabric and my sewing machine.  I tried one dress that didn’t work out at all.  I then made a skirt out of some fabric cut off a dress that i brought it to be tailored.  We also made a necklace for her doll.  She also wanted braceletes, as well as dresses, an easter egg dress, pajamas, oh and matching pajamas for HER too.  she was really happy with the items I did make.  after that, we went to dinner at Kay’s Kitchen.  We sat in a booth.  Her and I on one side.  We brought both Jenna and Lilianna; and Rach was wearing this super cute blue hair clip with a little plume of blue feather – like boa type.  It was adorable. She got pancakes, chocolate milk and a dish of twist ice cream.  We brought the ice cream home for a treat later on.  When we got home, Bruce started putting up our bed.  We decided to sleep in the living room.  We slept on the air matress.  We had a bottom sheet – but the dang thing did not stay put.  We both ended up sleeping directly on the plastic and it was sooooooooooo cold.  NOTE TO SELF : PUT BLANKET DOWN TO SLEEP ON TOP OF.  Her and I layed in bed and talked and giggled.  We watched some TV.  She was really surprised at how many shows we had.  We watched Pfinneus and Ferb.  She wanted to cuddle, so I turned over on my side thinking that she would spoon me – but she said “no, face to face!”  Oh it was so cute, she was giggling and said “your breath tickles me”.  She was a sweetie.  We finally fell asleep.

We had cereal for breakfast.  We got dressed and went to play outside.  it ended up being pretty chilly outside.

We were outside and she found some left over dried corn kernels that Bruce had put out for the bunnies over the winter.  The majority of them had been sweeped up or eaten…but ever the hunter, digger, treasure seeker, Rachel found a few between the rocks and side walk cracks.  She said she had given one to her mom. Macy tipped it over and they didn’t have it anymore : ) .  We planted the corn seeds in a tupperware and dirt from the flower pot.  She was excited to give it to her mom.  They ended up leaving it.  On the phone later that night she realized they forgot it.  She said “oh well, that’s OK.  You can enjoy it”…

I have talked to rachel a couple of times a day ever since she left.  When she got home from our house she called me.  She told me she cried all the way to Clearwater and slept until Crystal.  Sandy said she wimpered all night for me.  She calls me and says “Hi, this is Rachel”…she has this cute sweet girly voice.  When saying goodbye to me on the phone she says “bye, I love you”…and blows me kisses before hanging up.

While we were playing Wii, Rachel asked about my green mat.  I told her it was my yoga mat.  Lydia said “oh cool” and Rachel was pretty intrigued.  But we didn’t need it for bowling.  Rachel cried and cried because she didn’t get to go first.  Sandy was so cool – she just said “rachel, you can’t act like this if you are going to kindergarten.  You aren’t always going to get to be first.  That is the way it is”…Rachel still cried.  After bowling Rachel wanted to play “OLGA”!  what a hoot.  She kept calling it olga.  She used to have a doll named Olga.  It was one of her very first named dolls if I remember right.

Sandy, Lydia, Rachel and I played Wii bowling.  Rachel was so upset about not being able to go first.  She simmered down after a while.  Lydia ran upstairs and made this for the winner…which was SANDY!


One of the phone calls earlier this week Rachel and i were talking about tv and the shows she had watched.  I think I was telling her that we would sleep in the bed upstairs and uncle Bruce would sleep downstairs.  And we could watch a movie in bed because we have a tv in our bedroom.  Rachel wanted to know “do you get all those shows on all the tvs in your house?”

I asked Rachel if she had brought both Jenna and Lilianna to Sherry’s.  She said no, Jenna had a bad cold and had to stay home today.  The next day, I asked if Jenna was feeling better…she said she was, but jenna had barfed during the night.

Rachel wants to play Mom and Dad when she comes up next time.  While she was up here, Rachel said something about playing mom and dad…but the dad was off to work.  Because she has such a hard time saying Rs for days I thought she said “lets play mom and dad and the dad is off to war.”  I thought, oh how terrible that she is 5 years old and knows about war.  it wasn’t until mom pointed out to me that she had probably said WORK…duh…no wonder she kind of looked at me funny when I said, lets pretend the dad is off in the war.  GREAT WORK!  Oh well, she still seems to really like spending time with me.  She is coming back on Saturday, 4/10.  YEAH.

We went to the park and played for a while, but it was windy and chilly.  We drove down there!  We also went to check on the fisheys.  They weren’t there…they must still be in Florida!

Lydia wore my cute hat from Kohls.  She looked so dang cute.

She is turning into quite an athlete.  She is done with hockey, but now she is in swimming.  She and Rachel both are taking lessons.  She can do the monkey bars – swinging from one to the next really fast.

I took a bunch of shots of Rachel, but she still likes to stick her tongue out!  This one is a cute shot though.

out to dinner

when i was talking to rachel this morning, she was in the truck on the way to the cabin with sandy, karl and lydia…oh yeah. and macy too.  I told her that bruce and I were going out for dinner tonight.  she said “you shouldn’t go out to dinner.  you should stay home and spend the money on groceries…or an American” (girl doll).