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Photo shoot with my favorite models

Today when I got home from work, the girls greeted me in the driveway ready for a photoshoot!  They each brought a dress from  home, and like to accessorize their outfits with my stuff! (Imagine that!!)  They love the opportunity play dress up, and especially wear my high heels.

They had been biking yesterday with grandma and grandpa, around the campus at St. Ben’s  and picked out some spots for their shoot. They were so excited to show me the various spots they selected.

They like getting their pictures taken now!!  After last time, and i guess, after seeing the results of their shoot they seemed to really enjoy it.  I had a collage made of my favorites from our last big shoot; to see the collage click here . i had it printed to hang in the living room for my mom and dad’s “apartment.”  I ended up getting 2 copies of the collage, so gave one to Sandy.  Now, the girls get to see it everyday and remember how much fun they had and how gorgeous they looked and felt that day.

They put on their dresses, picked out jewelry to wear, and also picked out a pair of shoes.  They had each styled their hair special for the photoshoot.   Which is very typical, especially for Rachel!  We drove over to the campus because we only had a short time.  Fran was coming over for dinner!     Rachel was especially cooperative with me…she usually is much harder to convince to smile.  They like to pick their own poses, just like they pick their own clothes and locations!  She even commented on how fun the last shoot was!


During the shoot, most of the time was spent with the girls shouting “susie, susie, over here”  they just loved having me take their pictures.  It was such a nice change.  Rachel and Lydia both loved Swoop – and he was so good and patient, and hardly hissed at all!


Fun with the girls!

The girls came up to visit grandma and grandpa for a couple days.  They came up on Tuesday and were in the driveway when I drove in the driveway.  Lydia literally was jogging along side my car as I drove in the drive way – she was hanging on to the door handle!  Nice to have someone be THAT excited to see you!! 

Lydia brought up her “spy kit.”  She was quite pleased with her large array of tools and accessories she had in her spy kit.

We played hair salon before going for a bike ride.  The girls did my hair in laura ingalls braids, with a twist!  I wore it like this on the bike ride.  There is a reason you only get to see a photo from the back!

House Photos – Before and After

I finally got around to taking photos of the front of the house, with the new house numbers!  I had the house number photo printed on aluminum from Bay Photo.  Bruce and my dad did the installation.  They used the same type of mounting blocks that you put on the siding before you can put a light fixture on the siding.  (the reason for it is because the siding is lap – so the surface was not flat.)

 I am still trying to decide what to do with the front areas.

I think the house numbers turned out really cool!  I am quite happy with it.  It suggested it not hang in direct sunlight, but I don’t think, on a whole that we really get THAT much sun anyways.  I am willing to try it and see how long it lasts.


Lauren’s First Birthday


I got to take photos of Lauren last night!  She will be one year old next Friday. I luckily caught that one picture of her with the flower in her hair.  It didn’t stay on long at all!

We took the photo’s in the backyard of Nate and Holly’s neighbors.

 Holly got an adorable polkadot hat, so she had the cake decorated to match.  Lauren loved the cake.  She wasn’t really tentative at all when it was put in front of her!


You can see all the photos in the slideshow below.



Minneapolis Day Trip

Bruce and I played hooky on Wednesday!  We had planned this trip two other times; both times were cancelled due to weather.  When I heard that the humidity was going to drop and it was going to be sunny….i just got the itch.  I cleared it with my co-worker, Carrie (is it still considered hooky then??) and called Bruce to see if he wanted to join me.

Our first destination – the alley by Loring Park.  I had been dying to get back there.  We were there last year before the Twins game and it is such a cute and charming area I wanted to go back and get more shots.  There was a delivery truck preventing me from getting shots from the other end of the alley, so we walked thru Loring Park, across the bridge, then on to the Sculpture Garden. 

We then went back to Loring Park, back to the alley, then on to Kinh Do (yummm) for lunch.  After lunch we biked around Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. 

You can view all the photos in a cool slideshow here:

Tony and Jeannie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

We celebrated my folks 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday.  We had a party at our house, with just close family and a few close friends.  My fabulous friend Laura, her husband Doug, sister Vickie and BIL Jim were all there and provides us with so much more than help!  Mother Nature was very cooperative, thankfully.  It was a really fantastic day.