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The Hidden Beauty…

These 2 photos are unusual – the first one is a very close up of dragon fly wings.  the second is a real close up of a peacock feather.  I took a few of each of these two things yesterday, but the light was so flat, I like these two OK…but will try more when the sun is shining some time.

More Outtakes

Grrr…I just lost a whole post I was typing for this set of photos.

We had to hike down to this spot by the ruins in Hastings (i changed my shoes for photos).  It was so cool –  it had a little bit of everything – a graffiti wall, a wall full of greens, ferns, etc, it was a little tropical.  Also an area  were we could walk out to rocks in the river.  Lots of great spots for senior photos!  I was bummed to see a little graffiti starting on the other wall – but we had to climb up there anyways to see if I could get a good shot.  We had the camera tripod mounted and used my wireless remote/shutter.  I had fun, not so sure about Bruce, but he was a trooper, as usual!

Outtake ~ Hastings

When Bruce and I were in Hastings, I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot of the two of us, using my wireless remote.  We hiked down to the river earlier in the day and found this cool spot; we went back later in the afternoon.  This is one of the many photos – we laughed so many times.  I was a total poser – changing the position of my head, tilting, pivoting, etc.  Bruce just stood in the same spot with the same grin the entire time.  It made me laugh – which then made him laugh and of course…. gave me this!

Road Trip

Tonight, after dinner, Mom and I went out to see some spots she and my dad saw while they were out on a bike ride.  She had all three locations written down for me.  All these are within a few blocks from our home!  Thanks Mom!!

We are all going to miss you so much.  Can you hear the cats crying?

Three Years Old

…and headed on a great adventure.

G is going to be moving away with his mom and dad, so his Grandma and Grandpa aren’t going to get to see him as often.  Vickie and Jim helped us when we had the 50th Anniversary for my folks.  I told her that day that I would love to do a shoot with Grandma, Grandpa and G.  Here is a little sneak peak Vickie!

Gardens Near Watertown

Yesterday, we went for a drive – heading towards Waconia and the farm where my dad spent his first 13 years.  On our way, we stopped at a magnificently landscaped yard.  The lady was in the driveway, so we pulled in and asked if we could take photos.  I took photos, the rest of them visited with the very nice man and woman who own the home and yard.  This little church was built in 1863!  We stopped in to visit my dad’s cousin and his wife; they still live on the farm across the street from the farm where my dad lived.  The barn and house are still standing.  Lots of trees now too.  I loved the texture of the weathered barn wood and rock foundation.

More Cicada Bug Photos…

On Sunday, I was walking out to the back yard to empty the cordless vacuum, and needed to bang the filter on something…i went to hit the filter against the tree, and this is what I saw!  Look at it close up!!!  I took my camera card in the house to upload the photos I took, to make sure things were focused properly, etc.  I was inside for about 5 minutes.  When I came out, it had crawled all the way out back on top of its “shell.”  Its wings looked so cool opening up, it happened a little on one side and then on the other.  Its legs would pop out every once in a while too.  Then, it moved next to the shell.  This whole process took about 20 minutes or less.  After this, my folks and I went to see THE HELP (which was awesome) and when we got back, the bug was gone.  The shell is still there in the same spot on the tree.  The one from the earlier shots is still on the block on the back garage, that has been there since July 30th!