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Chicago, Chicago…oh what a town!

Bruce and I had a BLAST in Chicago.  When we arrived on Thursday, it was raining.  We had prearranged transportation from the airport to our hotel.  We stayed at the Omni Chicago.  We had a 2 room suite, on the 10th floor.  Not much of a view – as it is a building that is being renovated inside, so it  has faux windows – so it looks like the rooms are just dimly light.  We walked, in the rain down State Street to look for a place for lunch.  We ended up at Ditka’s.   Later we had chicago deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s .  It was interesting to see families (not tourists) out to dinner in downtown Chicago; one couple looked to be late 20’s or early early 30’s.  Baby under 1 year old.  I somehow knew they were local, and not on vacation.  Both parents had iphones and baby was watching tv on the ipad.  Maybe he was an Apple Store employee, the iphone 4s came out the following morning and people were probably already in line waiting.  (the apple store was right across from our hotel).  The rain continued until 8, just as we were leaving to walk back to our hotel.

Friday morning, we woke up to a gorgeous October day.  It was clear, about 50 degrees or so.  We dressed in layers and walked to Navy Pier.  We had a blast there just walking around.  We got there early, about 10:30, so there were not many people there, and we really got to see a lot of it uninterupted.  Lots of touristy shops and restaurants in a really nice “boardwalk” type mall, with outdoor eating and drinking areas.  We rode on the ferris wheel and I got fabulous photos. 

Later in the afternoon, still at Navy Pier, we took a boat tour – river, lake and architecture tour.  it was really great.  the gal leading the tour was really funny and so full of info and knowledge of Chicago’s history, buildings, etc.  I wish I could have recorded the tour and her narration, she knew the name of all the buildings.  It would be nice to be able to identify those in my photos.

We got a bit wet on the boat tour – it was a speed boat, that sat approx 142 people – i am sure in the hot summer, the folks liked to be douced with water, but it wasn’t really appreciated by our boat load of tourists that was already dressed for the ever present Chicago wind, that was quite chilly.  We walked back to our hotel to fix my hair (which got wet, and now was crispy clumps of unattractive bangs) and then went to the Hancock Tower for happy hour.  We walked again, which is one thing I just LOOOVEE about being downtown.  I would love to live somewhere that I didn’t need a car.  We had to wait in line to get on  the elevator to take us to the 95th floor – where they have a bar with lovely views.  We had a great time visiting with a couple from Madison, WI.  We all shared a small table, right in front of the window!


We went back to Navy Pier in the evening and walked around and of course – rode the ferris wheel again so I could get photos.  I have them all in a slide show here, but i warn you, it is long – about 8 minutes.  it has a chicgo blues style song with it, so it is pretty cool, if i do say so myself 🙂




bigger screens, etc.




Autumn Road Trip

This weekend Bruce and I went on a drive to see the fall colors.  The colors are certainly not peak – far from it, but we did manage to find some beautiful spots!  To view the animoto slide show click here