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Rachel’s 7th Birthday

Rachel’s party was on Saturday; she had 7 girls from school, all of them in first grade.;

Rachel’s birthday party included girls from her first grade class.  Seven – 7 year (or almost) old girls.  They certainly were wild.  WOW, when one of them arrived, the ones that were already there ran to the door screaming and yelling.  It seemed they were greeting each other and so happy to see each other.  Later i noticed that 3 of them were pretty cliquie, hanging out just with each other and not joining in.  Even when Rachel was opening her gifts from the girls – some of them were off screaming and playing in the basement.  Rachel finally said “i am not going to open your gift if you aren’t up here.”  They certainly had   their own agendas and didn’t care what my little birthday girl wanted.  At one point, 2 or 3 of the girls came running up the steps, from the basement, screaming.  One of them said “we saw your underwear.”  Poor Rachel starting to cry.  I couldn’t take it…i just had to say something.  A while later, when all the girls were on the porch, laughing and giggling i said to them “haha who said that about Rachel’s underwear hahaha?”  One of the girls ratted out the one (s) who said it…all of them were giggling.  Then I said, still giggling a bit “I think the only reason anyone would say something like that is because they forgot to wear their underwear today.”….i looked over at Rachel, and she had her head bent down and was giggling.  I then added “or maybe the pair they wore today aren’t clean!”