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Sound of Music Sing-A-Long

Saturday, 5/18/13 Bruce and I took Lydia and Rachel to the SOUND OF MUSIC sing-a-long at the Ordway in St. Paul.  I had bought the tickets in June 2012! So we waited a long time!  We went to Cossetta’s for dinner and stopped for dessert and each of us girls got a scoop of gelato. Rachel’s was chocolate and tasted like cold thick uncooked brownie mix!  It was delicious and she made a mess!! Of course, we were walking and eating at the same time!  And Rachel was walking with her right foot turned out…wearing too small of shoes earlier in the week.  I hope it gets better, or Rachel was faking, because she looked like she was going to need a leg brace!

The sing a long consisted of the original movie playing on the VERY HUGE screen.  The words to all the songs showed on the screen (karaoke style, with the word highlighted as it is sung).

When we arrived at the Ordway, we were each given a little yellow goodie bag that had lots of props in it. Before the movie started, an emcee had us warm up singing, explained to us what we should do, and when…

When you see the hills in the background of the movie – we are to yell “the hills, the hills” or “the fjords, the fjords”, just because it is fun to say.

When you see:

Maria, we are supposed to CHEER!

Rolph, bark like a dog

Baroness, snarl like a cat


The props that we got:

Cards with ? and a picture of Maria – use alternating cards during “how do you solve a problem like Maria?”

We got cards with a funny word and a….i didn’t know what it was…it is a “will-o’the wisp”

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

A piece of floral fabric – when Maria is asking the captain for fabric to make the children some play clothes, we are to hold the piece of  fabric up and yell “look behind you, look behind you” to direct Maria’s attention to the curtains!

We each got a small bunch of white silk flowers, edelweiss.  When he sang that song, we were to hold the flower over our head and sway back and forth.

We also got a “popper” that when we pull the string, confetti flew out.  We were to pull that cord DURING Maria and Captain’s first kiss.  Not before, not after….DURING the kiss.  I was so afraid Rachel was going to do hers early.  I think she held on to it the whole time, and she would lean over to me and say “I really want to pull this string!”

During the chase, at the end of the movie, everyone was encouraged to use a flashlight or an app as a flashlight on their phone and shine them around the room, not on the screen, to make it look like the flashlights searching for the family.

Many, many people were dressed up in costumes….they had a costume contest during intermission. Many nuns, many with floral play clothes, some whiskers on kittens, some brown paper packages tied with string, a whole group of 18 women were dressed as goats. One family – the mom was dressed as a nun, dad was tall and handsome and dressed as the captain, their 5 kids had matching “sailor” type tops on.  When the dad blew the whistle, each kid jumped into line.  The lady who won was dressed as the baroness.  She had on the red outfit with the blouse with huge bow at the hip. One very little girl was dressed up and had a little sheep puppet like they had in the movie.

Bruce forgot his credit card at cossetta’s, and somehow remembered during the movie.  He left and walked back to Cossetta’s and they had the card in the safe for him.  He came back to the Ordway, had a drink, and then joined us back in the theatre.  We left the theatre at 10:20 p.m. The girls fell asleep very soon after we were on our way to drop them off.

It was a really fun evening, experience.  The whole thing was very fun.  Very worthwhile, and worth the $26 per ticket.