Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Basilica Block Party, Saturday July 13, Minneapolis {part one}

Saturday morning, we got up and got to be lazy and just sat around and watch TV for a while. We left in our car, and drove to Uptown for breakfast. We ate the Uptown Café.  Love that place…such a mix of people.  I had a caramel roll…first time I have had one of their rolls.  OMG, delicious.  After breakfast we drove back to the hotel and got our bikes.  We biked downtown.  We went to Loring Park and also my favorite alley for photos.

Loring Park

my favorite alley

We biked back over to the Basilica grounds to scout out the stage location and how to best get to it for the Saturday night show.  Bruce specifically was looking for a curb or something I could stand on so I could see a bit better.  We found a great spot close to the front, off to the side a bit and I would be able to see pretty well. I even decided it was worth bring my big camera because we were going to be in a great position to get some cool shots.