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Taliesin West


While in Arizona we visited Taliesin West. Frank Lloyd Wright‘s winter home.

Taliesin West is a national historic landmark nestled in the desert foothills of the McDowell Mountains outside of Scottsdale, AZ.  It is also the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Taliesin, The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

Wright’s beloved winter home and the bustling headquarters of the Taliesin Fellowship, Taliesin West was established in 1937 and diligently handcrafted over many years into a utopian world unto itself. Deeply connected to the desert from which it was forged, Taliesin West possesses an almost prehistoric grandeur. It was built and maintained almost entirely by Wright and his apprentices, making it among the most personal of the architect’s creations.

Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale, AZ

On Tuesday, my folks, Bruce and I went to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. We had been to the butterfly exhibit at Desert Botanical Garden several years ago.  This place had a wonderful movie called “the flight of the butterfly” it was all about the unbelievable migration of the Monarch butterfly.  The movie was in 3D and it was SOOOO cool.  Here are some photos I took.

If you click the slideshow below, you can make it full size by clicking the arrows in the lower right corner.

Here is a link to the trailer for THE FLIGHT OF THE BUTTERFLIES