first family portraits

I had my first attempt at a family photo shoot last evening.  A friend/co-worker and his wife had a baby girl on June 9th.  I always wanted to offer to take photos for my “baby gift”, but didn’t have the nerve until a few weeks ago.  I told him that it was hard to offer someone a gift where they are going to be “guinea pigs!”…but that they were.

I went to their fabulous home after work yesterday.  I took quite a few photos…but it seemed to get dark too quickly, my camera didn’t seem to be working properly, the flash didn’t seem to automatically fire which made the pictures a bit too dark and not as sharp as I would have liked or expected.  My old camera never seemed to have this issue.

Their 2 year old son C was a trooper…we went to the park near their home and he wanted to stay and play.  He certainly kept me running.  I am thinking…possibly I should have used a more sedentary subject for my testing phase!

I was so bummed when I opened the initial photos last night…I was really disappointed in the quality and clarity of the images.  I did my tweaking in PSE, but it still didn’t seem to be what I was hoping for.  I am still not certain if it was the poor lighting, camera malfunction, my inability to capture enough good images.  Maybe it was having a “moving target” as a subject, whatever it it, I was truly disappointed with the pictures.  I thought about just telling them that my memory card didn’t record the images and I had nothing.

I talked to my friend Jennifer who was really encouraging as usual, but I got a wonderful “pep talk” email from another friend/co worker/charter member of my fan club, Judy.  She wrote me such a thoughful and inspiring email.  She is always so full of encouragement and praise.  I decided to give it another whirl.

I took another look at the photos when I got home tonight and thinking…well…maybe if they are making a collage for their Christmas card and the photos won’t be enlarged a great deal…maybe I could make something work.

I am a lot happier with these than I was last night.  I think adding the border and logo made them look more professional and thus…maybe a little better!  I decided today that portraiture is probably too stressful for me!  I will stick to landscapes that way no one is counting on me to capture something important!


For slide show above


















Still not exactly what I was hoping for…but not as bad as I feared.  I guess I won’t be listing my camera on ebay!