Model Shoot

When I got home from work on Thursday, the girls were waiting for me.  Let me expound on that a bit…i drove around the back side of the house first, and everyone was out on the patio.  They all waved, and the girls were jumping up and down.  I drove around to the front of the house and pulled in the front driveway.  I could barely get far enough into the drive way to be clearing the street…before I was bombarded with hugs and kisses.  They where jumping up and down and could hardly wait to see me…you can’t get a much better greeting than that!

After I was able to escape my car and make my way into the house, the girls announced that we were going to play dress up, and they didn’t bring any dress up dresses, so they would have to wear mine, as well as my shoes!  So away we went.  I don’t remember which one said it, but one of them said, susie can take pictures of the model shoot.

We had a blast, them looking for dresses to wear, and me finding enough safety pins to hold the dresses on!  After dinner, Lydia asked if we could curl her hair, so she could pretend to be Taylor Swift. 

We used my hot rollers, so it didn’t work so well with Rachel’s new, shorter hair do.  Believe me, now that i know that they think this is “so awesome”….i will be planning many more shoots, i may have to pick up a few things, just for playing dress up/model shoot with them!  More boots…definetly more boots!