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IKEA DIGNITET Curtain Wire and RIKTIG Clip Photo Display

Last summer, Bruce and my dad installed an IKEA CURTAIN HANGING kit on the wall in our living room. I hung enlarged photos that I affixed to mat board.  Over the course of the summer, with the humidity, etc. the photos started curling and warping a little.  I knew I needed to do something different, so this time I ordered all the enlargements mounted on styrene at the photo lab.  It cost quite a bit more to get them mounted at the lab, but the photos look fantastic!

I wanted to utilize more photos, and cover more space, so I figured how to attach some photos together… again, lots frustration, and photos
falling to the floor! The entire process was a comedy of errors, and it took a lot of trial and error…but I finally figured out how to make it all work and I am super happy with the results and I think it is a really cool display.  BTW, I spray painted everything except the wire prior to installation.