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Brilliant Autumn Weekend

Saturday, Bruce and I drove down to the cities and biked around the lakes.  It was gorgeous out; 80 degrees about midday.  The sky was a bit funky though – it seemed as though there was this hazy in the air.  I don’t know if it is from a fire out west, or if because it is so dry here, and the windy wasn’t blowing – but, whatever, it was strange, and I think the photos show that in the color tones.

Saturday evening, we drove out towards Cold Spring – Bruce drives along the country roads until I shriek “STOP” just like my momma!

Sunday we went to Quarry Park.  There the color was definetly off, because it is so dry.  Normally, the forest floor would all be green still – with a lot of red from sumac.  This year the colors seem more yellow than in previous years.  The drought of the past few months was very evident.


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