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Basilica Block Party, Matt Nathanson, ZZ Ward

We got to the grounds about 5:15 or so.  It is general admission, so we wanted to get their early enough that we would get a decent place to stand (correct, no chairs) Kerri and David were running late, so we decided to just meet them there.  They were parking their vehicle in the parking ramp Kerri parks in daily for work and then riding their bikes to the Basilica.  We met up and then walked around to the other stages, got some food and beverages and hung out.  It was a really awesome crowd, very mellow, polite, and holy cow – it had been a while since I had seen so many “pretty people” all in one place!  Bruce even commented that only 1 in 10 people was unattractive, unlike the normal ratio of 1 good looking person in 10!

We were back to the stage in time to see the last part of ZZ Ward’s performance; she was really fun and we all enjoyed her music.

ZZ Ward and Matt Nathanson

ZZ Ward and Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson was up next – and he was wonderful!  Played a nice mix of old songs, new songs off his forthcoming CD which was coming out in 4 days, and some cover songs…he even played a bit of Prince and Amazing Grace!! He was funny, and talked quite a bit between songs.  It is part standup comedy as well as awesome music.  He is a great performer.

I brought my Canon 40D thinking I could get some great photos of Matt….well…reason number 257 that I should have an iphone… all the people with smart phones were getting better shots than me.  With mine, most of the images were too dark, plus it is hard to take a photo with the viewfinder up to your eye when there are so many people in the way.  The smart phone users were able to hold the phone over their head and snap away.  I didn’t think there was a reason to bring the camera back on Saturday night. Bruce did get a few good shots…because he is so dang tall.

matt nathanson

When the show got done, we all left out the side entrance that led right to where our bikes were locked up.  All 4 of us biked back downtown.  That is the first bike ride I have been on with Kerri in DECADES!! There was another concert in downtown that evening; Kenny Chesney at Target Field, so there were people everywhere.  Biking was definitely a great idea!

Back at our hotel, there were many people who had been at one or the other concert.  A party must have been going on in the hallway on the 8th floor, where our room was, you could hear music playing all the way down the hall, which made it feel festive even after the show, and we weren’t ready to go to sleep anyways.

So far…loving our first Basilica Block Party experience.