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Train, Minnesota State Fair – August 29, 2013

We got to the fair about 3ish.  It was HOT, and HUMID, and all the fat people who were too big to walk and had to use a cart but then had a  big pail of cookies or a ginormous ole turkey leg in their hand they were “gobbling” down just gross me out.  Between that and the heat, i didn’t really even want to eat! Anyways…when we got there it was not at all crowded, in fact i think it was the least busy i have ever in my life seen it.  So that was a bonus. 
The concert started at 7:30 with Michael Franti, who was really good. Super upbeat, great music, and he went into the crowds like no performer i have ever seen.  he kept right on singing but was walking between rows of people on the floor, up on chairs, hugging people, he even came all the way up to the section where we were sitting, which was row 49, and i think it probably only goes to row 60 or something, but we were WAY up there.  So far away that i couldn’t really even see them on the stage, and just watched the big screens.  A camera man followed him everywhere, so you could see him interacting with the people in the crowd. it was very cool and he seemed to be having a great time.  i think he probably played 3 or more songs while in the crowds. I will definitely be buying his CD.
After he was done, they changed over the equipment to Train’s stuff. We were patiently waiting for them to start.  The first song was “calling all Angels”
train 01…during the 2nd song, 2 people walked ALL THE WAY up to the area where we were sitting (again, i am talking NOSE BLEED SEATS).  The girl stopped and asked Bruce a question.  I thought they maybe had seats in our row, so we were going to have to move a bit to let them in.  Nope…she said “is it just you two?” Bruce said yes.  Out came 2 tickets and she asked if we wanted them.  “WHAT???” We didn’t quite understand.  She said, we were in the 6th row/center stage and we came for Michael Franti, do you want these seats?”  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We ended up in the 6th row, i couldn’t believe it.
view from 6th
pat 01
pat from 6thPat Monahan (lead singer) came into the crowd and sang too, and Bruce and I each got to hi-5 him!  The show was awesome… WHAT A TREAT THAT WAS! I wish I knew her name so i could thank her.  We have no idea why she came up to us, but were super happy that she did!  i took a ton of photos, but haven’t looked at any of them yet…but i do believe they will be better than the pictures i got at Matchbox 20!!!
Before he started singing MERMAIDS he called for all the mermaids in crowd to join him onstage to sing. mermaids 01
mermaid 02
pat on sax
I have never seen a performer do this…the girls ranging in age from 5 to 35 looked like they were having the time of their lives!
It appeared that one of the mermaids did not make it onstage.  They must have cut the line before she got up there.  She must have been quite sad, because she was even dressed like a mermaid.
Then he said “our new single is called Bruises, it is a duet.  Is there anyone who could come up and sing it with me?” There was a mom frantically pointing to her daughter.  Pat said “does she know the words?”  He was assured that she did.
luckiest non-mermaid
bruises duet
She never cracked a smile, but i bet deep down she was doing back flips!! and she did know EVERY word to the song!